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BLV Test Kits



Herd Management Suggestions to Remove Bovine Leukemia Virus Dairy Cattle

  1. Test all existing cows, heifers and calves for BLV
  2. Remove any of the animals that test positive
  3. Because of the chance of insect vector positive animals need to be removed from property or any location near other negative tested animals
  4. Any new animals brought into herd need to be tested for BLV
  5. Breeding bulls must be tested more frequently and semen samples certified
  6. Periodic testing of the entire herd after the initial clearing must be state regulated for BLV test free status
  7. Farmers need to be subsidized for the loss of BLV in the initial testing so to encourage full exposure of the disease
  8. Failure to test will cause the farmer to lose their BLV free status
  9. "BLV Free" could be part of a stamp that is placed on dairy products which would give the consumer one more piece of information of the quality of the product


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